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Very, very relevant. A truly educational session. One of the best seminars/workshops I have participated in of any course I have done.
- John Payne, Finance Manager. Participant in Constructive Conversations workshop

For me coming to see Stephen was such a positive and rewarding experience. Stephen has an amazing gift and automatically makes you feel at ease. Talking to Stephen enabled me to get to the core of my feelings and emotions to help me to better understand why I was a feeling a certain way.

I can't recommend Stephen's services enough - he is brilliant!
- Kate Woodlock

Great course - very engaging and informative. A must!
- Participant in Self Care and Effectiveness Workshop

Stephen excels at getting people to engage with the content of his workshops. He is a great facilitator!
- Workshop participant

Stephen has a rare ability to listen deeply.
- Julian Noel

The exercises in the workshop were excellent and made me realise that my work might need to be in a completely different direction.
- Workshop participant

The biggest gift I gained from seeing Stephen was to learn, on a deep level, that my life is precious and awe-inspiring.
- Michelle Fahy

I really like Stephen's workshops. He helps me to think differently about things. I realise it's not enough that I am aware of my thoughts and feelings, I have to also practice acceptance and not be an enemy to myself.
- Participant in Self Care and Effectiveness Workshop

From working with Stephen, in several demanding meetings I found I was able to navigate difficult moments with much more fluidity, grace and empowerment, without having to resort to previously less functional reactions! I would thoroughly and unequivocally recommend Stephen to anyone embarking on, or already on their own journey into their heart.
- John Broadbent

I would strongly recommend Stephen's services for any candidates in transition between jobs.
- Laird Abernathy