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Mindfulness is both a practice and an art. It is a practice in the sense that Mindfulness is something we do. It is an art in the sense it is a particular way of looking at the world and oneself.

The practice of mindfulness is first to give one’s mind an anchor. This might be awareness of the breath, or of the body. By giving the mind an anchor, we can start to observe how perceptions, thoughts, and feelings are constantly in movement. We see we are not those thoughts and feelings. By observing the constantly changing nature of our minds, we can see we do not have to be constantly driven by whatever fleeting mental state is present. We see we can be freer, more open and more receptive when we are mindful.

When we experience this letting go of our worries and compulsive thinking, we can exercise greater creativity and human connection because we are not so fearful. As we cease to be so limited by old mental models, we see there are new ways of approaching difficulties and predicaments. We realise we can reduce our battle with the world and rather co-create with it.

Mindfulness is an integral part of all the work that Stephen does – his counselling, coaching, executive coaching, workshops and research.

On this webiste you can also find audio guides to meditation, and text guides to meditation.