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Title: CV & Resume Download
Title: Top PhD Employers Download
Title: Self, selving, and the education of attention Download
Details: Malloch, S. (2019). Self, selving, and the education of attention. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 65.
Description: Places at the heart of our sense of Self our ability to move towards a goal. The paper explores the implications of this for therapy.
Title: Establishing a Therapy of Musicality Download
Details: Malloch, S. (2017). Establishing a Therapy of Musicality: The Embodied Narratives of Myself with Others. In Stuart Daniel and Colwyn Trevarthen (eds). Companionship: The Rhythm of Relating in Children's Therapies. London: Jessica Kingsley.
Description: General/Academic - a description of my therapeutic model based in Communicative Musicality
Title: Communicative Musicality: Its Application in Talking Therapies Download
Details: Malloch (2013). The CAPA Quarterly: Journal of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Assoc of NSW. February issue, 8-9
Description: General reading: A short description of the way I apply my academic research into my work with counselling clients
Title: Spirituality and Therapy: A personal view from Buddhism and systems intelligence. Download
Details: Malloch, S. (2010). The CAPA Quarterly: Journal of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Assoc of NSW. 4, 24-25.
Description: General reading: Investigating the complementary relationship between therapy and spiritual practice.
Title: Why you need soul to create a great business Download
Details: Malloch, S., and Armstrong, B. (2008). FastThinking, Spring Issue, 97-98.
Description: General reading: Proposing a set of 'soul signposts' to follow that help to create a great business
Title: Why do we like to Dance and Sing? Download
Details: Malloch, S. (2005). In: Grove, R., Stevens, C., and McKechnie, S. (eds.), Thinking in Four Dimensions: Creativity and Cognition in Contemporary Dance. Melbourne University Press
Description: Academic: Thoughts on the origins of our ability to appreciate, create and move to music.
Title: Communicative Musicality: Exploring the basis of Human Conpanionship Download
Details: Malloch, S., Trevarthen, C. (eds) (2008). Oxford, Oxford University Press.
Description: Academic: My co-edited book on Communicative Musicality. It explores the intrinsic musical nature of human interaction, demonstrating how speaking and moving in musical dance-like ways is the essential foundation of all forms of communication. The book encompasses Brain Science, Human Evolution, Psychology, Therapy and Music Performance.
Title: Mothers and Infants and Communicative Musicality Download
Details: Malloch, S. (1999/2000). Special Issue of Musicae Scientiae: Rhythm, Musical Narrative and Origins of Human Communication, 29-57
Description: Academic: An introduction to the model of Communicative Musicality as observed in mother-infant communication
Title: The Dance of Wellbeing: Defining the Musical Therapeutic Effect Download
Details: Trevarthen, C. & Malloch, S. (2000). The Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, 9 (2), 3-17.
Description: Academic: An explanation of why music therapy is effective.
Title: The Effects of Music and Movement on Mother-Infant Interactions Download
Details: Vlisman, W., Malloch, S., Burnham, D. (2013). The Effects of Music and Movement on Mother-Infant Interactions. Early Child Development and Care, 183(11), 1669-1688
Description: A description of the effect of a structured music and movement program for mothers and their young babies. Not yet available as a download.
Title: Musicality and Music before Three Download
Details: Trevarthen, C., and Malloch, S. (2002). Zero to Three, 23(1), 10-18.
Description: Academic: The role of music and musicality in children under three years old
Title: Music therapy with hospitalized infants - The art and science of communicative musicality Download
Details: Malloch et al (2012). Infant Mental Health Journal, 33(44), 386-399.
Description: Research into the effectiveness of a music therapy internvention at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
Title: Musicality: Communicating the Vitality and Interests of Life Download
Details: Malloch, S, and Trevarthen, C. (2008). In: Malloch, S., and Trevarthen, C. (eds.), Communicative musicality: Exploring the basis of human companionship (pp. 1-11). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Description: Academic: The opening chapter of my co-edited book on Communicative Musicality
Title: Timbre and Technology: An Analytical Partnership Download
Details: Malloch, S. (2000). Contemporary Music Review, 19 (2), 155-172.
Description: Academic: An investigation of using psychoacoustics to analyse the timbral structure of a piece of music.