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Life Coaching

Feeling stuck? Don’t know what direction to take? Or perhaps you know where you want to move to, but can’t work out how to get there.

Life Coaching enables you to discover what you truly want in life and maps a direction to take you there. Through honouring all of who you are, you go on a journey of discovery into what makes your heart sing and your soul hum with well-being. In this process of discovery, you may also discover some blocks along the way. Stephen helps you deal with that and then move on.

You and Stephen work together to understand better who you are and what you want. From this place, creating what you truly want is much easier. As you start to create the life you want, Stephen is there supporting you as you plan the practicalities, meet the challenges, and celebrate success.

Expected outcomes of coaching include enhanced ability to create what you truly want and a strong belief in your own worth.

Stephen's apprach to Life Coaching is informed by his study and practice of Mindfulness, Appreciative Enquiry (Positive Psychology), Theory U (Otto Scharmer), the Person Centred Approach (Carl Rogers), work on Systems Thinking and his own research on non-verbal communication.