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Staying Spacious

Thu, 14 Feb 2013
(From my article in the Mosman Villager Magazine - February 2013)
“I have had a fantastic holiday – spending time with my kids, plus doing things for me. I really don’t want to go back to work and get stressed. The job’s ok, but the stress isn’t!… Suggestions??”
‘Noel’ from Beauty Point

As the end of the year came round I was thinking about all the things I needed to do. Plus there were thoughts like “Hang on, I was going to achieve that this year – how come I never got around to it?” I felt crowded in by my thoughts - lots of mental drama.

Then I came to Christmas and holidays, and all that drama began to lessen - I felt my mind getting more spacious. I enjoyed not having to rush.

Now, like you Noel, I am looking towards the first months of 2013, and thinking “I don’t want to lose that sense of inner space,” but at the same time also thinking “Ah, but there’s always lots to do, so it’s inevitable that I will lose it…”

But is it inevitable?

What if I resist it. What if I say to myself – “that feeling of space, I felt that in my mind and body. I created that feeling. So perhaps I can keep that feeling around.”

So my suggestion, Noel, is to notice the feeling of space you created inside of yourself while being on holidays, and then as you begin work, feel in to how you behave from that place of internal space. Do you rush, or do you walk and notice your surroundings? Do you do three things at once, or do you do one thing at a time? Keep asking yourself "if I act from that feeling of internal space, how do I behave?" This doesn't mean ignoring your responsibilities. It means meeting your responsibilities from a relaxed mind, rather than from anxiety and stress.

It will be a challenge, and it will take practice.  But not only might it mean you stay more relaxed at work, it may also mean you are more productive.