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The Art of Change is the art of listening with both Heart and Mind. Listening in this way, either to another or to our own inner thoughts, makes available resources of knowledge and understanding, compassion and intuition. These qualities create actions that are tuned to what is needed, and that are responsive to changing circumstances.

The Art of Change assists people to live more meaningful, engaged lives, and assists organizations to do business with greater clarity, effectiveness and humanity.

Through listening with empathy, creating opportunities for reflection and thinking outside the square, understanding and the way forward emerge.
Resilience and insight are re-discovered, and solutions are created where before there were obstacles and dead ends.

It is the magic and inspiration of this shared discovery that is the engine of change.

In the following pages you will find services for both individuals and businesses.
Underlying all that we do are the following principals:
  • Integrity and authenticity - we endeavour always to convey the truth of how we see a situation.
  • Love and Intellect - we endeavour always to act in ways that are respectful, heartfelt and intuitive as well as informed by intellectual understanding and academic research.

  • Interconnectedness - we endeavour always to act in ways that acknowledges the deeply systemic nature of any situation or process.