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HeartMind Newsletter from Stephen Malloch - Engaging with what is: the first step to effective change
11 July 2015
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I am now seeing clients in Mona Vale at A FIne Balance.

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How do we engage with the edge of change? Often we react, we pull back from it, we feel fear, anxiety, worry. Or we are very attracted to what we think change might bring – we want to leap towards it.

All these responses can pull us away from the current edge of change. The point of greatest leverage with change is engagement with what is.

To engage with what is, is to stop and notice with Heart and Mind what is happening right now. That is where you really taste the qualities of the environment you are in, and you begin to hear what the change is calling from you.

This takes courage. You start to look beneath how you would like it to be, or how awful you think it is, or any way in which you are wanting it to be different, and you find a place in yourself where you can sit with the reality of the situation and still cultivate a connection with your open Heart and spacious Mind. We feel our emotions, but we are not pushed around by them. We keep our Heart open towards ourselves.

How do we do this? Maybe we have a spiritual practice that we know encourages us to stay open and clear. Perhaps we find walking in nature reminds us what is important. Maybe reading quotes from people we respect as wise and insightful lifts us out of the turmoil. Or we seek out a professional helper, a counsellor or coach, who assists us to find our stability again through their solidity – we lean on their open and spacious presence for a time.

As we let go into that place in us that isn’t so crowded and busy, we can begin to notice that our viewpoints that appear to be contradictory are also complementary. We can listen to both the fearful part that says we might fail, and the excited part that wants to embrace the new straight away. There is wisdom in both, and both can be invited in to help create a bigger more inclusive picture, and a way forward.

Effective change begins with engaging with what is and our thoughts and feelings about it. Then we begin the journey.

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