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HeartMind Newsletter from Stephen Malloch - Welcome to HeartMind for 2014
16 January 2014
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HeartMind newsletters have had an extended break – sorry for the long silence. But they are back for the new year.

For the first newsletter of the year, let’s talk about starting work. You’ve been on holidays, enjoying the sun, time for yourself, the good food. And now you are looking at the start of the working year.

How do you feel?

Holidays can help us get perspective. Perhaps you are feeling eager to re-engage with your work – the challenge and enjoyment. Or perhaps you are feeling depressed about getting back to work. Whatever you are feeling, I suggest you not ignore it. Engage with the feeling. Listen to it. What is it telling you?

Maybe you feel you work too hard. Maybe you’re in a rut, and it’s time to assess where your career is heading. Or maybe the way you approach your work isn’t good for you. Do you take work all too seriously, and forget to look out the window and smile?

Whatever it is you’re feeling at the start of the work year, don’t dismiss it. It’s telling you something important.

Here’s an exercise that will help you tune in to that feeling.

Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit where you won’t be disturbed, and have a pen and paper within easy reach. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing.  Notice the gentle rise and fall of the breath, and give your attention to this gentle, rhythmic movement. Allow your body to relax – starting at the head, move your attention through your body, inviting the different areas of your body to let go.

Now bring that feeling you have about starting work to your attention. Where do you sense it in your body? Is it in the shoulders? The chest? The abdomen? Spend a few breaths simply feeling it. Now see what names you can find for the feeling. Is it boredom or tiredness? Anxiety or worry? Feeling overwhelmed or trapped? Or perhaps it’s a feeling of exhilaration, anticipation and happiness? Open your eyes, and write down the words that seem to fit the feeling.

You might like to continue the process of getting to know the feeling by drawing a picture of it. Whatever you draw will be right - it's your feeling. Drawing engages the right side of the brain – our more intuitive side.

Now again close your eyes, and let your awareness move towards the actions this feeling is calling for. Is a change being asked for? What will you do? Write down your thoughts.

Thoughts and actions often become clearer when we share them with someone we trust. You might choose a family member or friend who you know will happily give you their time to listen and be curious, and who won't be quick to judge.

And I am very happy to talk about your options with you.

I wish you a happy new working year.

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